Autist Art” is getting a makeover…I redesigned the site layout and reorganized the shop. The emphasis is now on design; you can click on a design on the main page or in the menu and get a page with all the products from Zazzle (first) and Cafepress. Hopefully it’s easier to navigate than multiple menus and multiple options for each design. At the moment Printfection and Skreened are relegated to links at the bottom of the shop menu; they’re not popular enough for me to work on integrating them into each design’s page yet.

This blog is going to be used, as it says on the sidebar, for news and updates about the Autist Art shop.  It is, in short, a shop blog, not a general autistic activism blog, as I once planned.  (Never started, so I suppose that is irrelevant.)  I am starting a new site/ blog, Autspoken, which I am planning to use as a general semi-personal autism/ Aspie blog.  It’s not really set up yet; I wanted to get this site updated first.

I haven’t had any new designs in a while; besides the current update to this site, I am busy updating my other art/ shop sites for the season.  I’ll try to have some new stuff soon.